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How can I enter Banyan House's Supported Withdrawal Program?

Residential withdrawal services are offered in conjunction with Northern Territory Government Department of Health Withdrawal Services, which is part of Alcohol and other Drugs Services. Anyone 18 years or over who is experiencing drug and/or alcohol problems can enter the program.  

Call Withdrawal Services on 08 8922 8399 to arrange an assessment appointment for the service.

Clients are assessed by a Withdrawal Services to identify their best withdrawal option.  The Withdrawal Services team then provides medication (if needed), support and counselling and arranges supported accommodation as appropriate to each client’s needs.  Withdrawal may take place at the Royal Darwin Hospital (for high risk clients), in supported accommodation (e.g. Banyan House) or include home visits.

Banyan House is a safe, supportive, drug and alcohol free environment.  If accepted into Banyan House, residents must remain drug/alcohol free and adhere to Banyan House’s program.

Some people may not be accepted into Banyan House however, if they present a significant risk to the safety of the Banyan House Community or its members, or require a level of medical care or support beyond what Banyan House is able to provide.  Using alcohol or drugs on the day of admission will also result in exclusion from the program.

Banyan House supported withdrawal program is generally between 7 to 14 days duration and residents in the program are provided co-management by Withdrawal Services staff and staff from Banyan House. 

Withdrawal Services staff visit withdrawal residents each week day to monitor medication use and clients wellbeing, and at other times, residents are welcome to participate in recovery program activities conducted at Banyan House, or, if they may need to have periods of quietness and rest, particularly at in the initial stage. Each client’s level of participation on various activities is discussed and negotiated at the time of assessment and admission.

During withdrawal, clients can also request an assessment to enter Banyan House Recovery Program once withdrawal treatment is complete. 

Diversion Programs

Banyan House provides a range of services for NT and Commonwealth government diversionary programs. Diversionary services include:

  • Assessment
  • Counselling
  • Education sessions
  • Relapse prevention 

NT Illicit Drug Pre Court Diversion Program

The NT Illicit Drug Pre Court Diversionary Program is a joint venture between the Commonwealth Government and the NT Department of Health and Families.

Referrals to Banyan House for pre-court diversion services are made by Police to Banyan directly.

Legal Reports and Support

Banyan House provides assessment reports, on a fee basis for service, to staff of NT Corrections, Legal Aid, the North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid (NAAJA) and to private lawyers.

Banyan House accepts clients through diversion programs who are on remand or bail conditions. Banyan staff also provide support and reports as required to these clients in their subsequent Court appearances.

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