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Our Therapeutic Community in action.
Banyan House residential units offer single air conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms.
Staying connected to family and community is really important.
We understand that each client’s relationship with alcohol and drugs is different. We work closely  with those already involved in our clients’ care including general practitioners, physicians and  families.
Good nutrition is essential and an integral part of your recovery.

Banyan House is a residential Therapeutic Community located in Darwin, Northern Territory offering a treatment for people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. We  hold current accreditation service status and maintain organisational membership of the Australian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA).

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Recovery from Addiction

  1. Decide to make a change
  2. Explore your treatment options
  3. Find support
  4. Make the treatment last
  5. Build a meaningful life without drugs
  6. Never lose hope

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Family Drug Support



Residential withdrawal services are offered in conjunction with Withdrawal Services, which is part of Alcohol and other Drugs Services provided by the NT Department of Health and Families...

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As part of the core psych-educational component of the Banyan House program, we deliver a modified for residential treatment version of the Matrix program...

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Residential Recovery Program

Banyan House is a Therapeutic Community.  This is a group of people working together to create a therapeutic environment that helps residents overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

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Intake and Assessment Services

To understand and reduce the harm to people, families and communities caused by substance misuse and any Co-occurring mental health disorders.

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