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Banyan House Residential Recovery Program

Banyan House is a Therapeutic Community.  This is a group of people working together to create a therapeutic environment that helps residents overcome alcohol and drug addiction.  While recovery is a personal journey, every person’s circumstances are different and are taken into consideration. Our clinical team will work with you to develop an individual treatment plan that is focused on your recovery. 

There are four phases to our residential recovery program:

1. Orientation

Is the beginning of the recovery program where you will have an opportunity to orientate to the routine and what is expected. This phase usually includes medical, psychological and psycho-social assessments with a focus on nutrition and health and wellbeing. Once you have adjusted well and embraced the program you will be invited into the next phase.

2. Phase 1 

In this phase you have completed your orientation and will be expected to be more active in the community and able to use the therapeutic tools and fully participate in the recovery program. 

3. Phase II

By this phase you will have increased confidence in your recovery and are beginning to take a leadership role in the therapeutic community. This is also the period where you will be challenged to begin reconnecting to the community and will have outings and leave from the program. 

4. Phase III

The focus now is about reintegrating back into the community through work or study whilst still living in and actively participating in the Banyan House program.


Banyan House respects privacy at all times. We only collect information required for the purpose of providing our services. We will not make information available to other persons or organisations without written consent, which can be withdrawn at any time. 


What it costs

Residents pay a weekly fee of 80% of their gross Centrelink payment - or equivalent if privately funded as a contribution towards the cost of accommodation, all meals and providing the recovery program. Clients generally pay fees from Centrelink benefits and find them very affordable. Residents provide their own clothing, footwear and personal toiletries.

Banyan House operates a trust account system for residents’ finances. Residents can deposit funds, such as their benefit cheque, take out funds for fees, purchase of personal items and for approved outings, and accumulate savings for accommodation and other costs when they leave Banyan House. 


Residents enjoy modern air conditioned, single rooms with en-suites. A community kitchen, dining and group facilities. A gym area and games are also available for residents and their children.

Banyan House is situated among bush and gardens at Berrimah. Residential facilities comprise 18 units accommodating individual residents, and one self-contained unit. 

Contacting friends and relatives

We understand that it is important to your recovery that you maintain contact with your family. However, making the decision to enter a recovery program is a major life decision and the first 14 days will be intense as you orientate to the program. We do ask all new residents on induction that they contact loved ones and let them know where they are and that contact for the first 14 days will be very limited except for special circumstances or to maintain contact with children. Every resident will have a designated key worker and the clinical team will be available to speak to family members and provide information about the program on an ongoing basis.

It is the resident's responsibility to negotiate and notify approved relatives and friends of visits. Visits take place on a Wednesday between 3pm and 4pm and Saturday between 1.30pm and 4.30pm. No visitors will be allowed on the premises if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Conflict Resolution and Grievances and Complaints process

Conflict is a part of everyday life. Banyan House seeks to help residents learn and practice effective conflict resolution skills, as this will enhance communication skills, increase self-esteem and support a positive approach to dealing with future issues.

Banyan House actively supports the right of clients to complain about our decisions, actions or services. We consider a complaint to have occurred when a client tells us that they are unhappy or dissatisfied with:

  • a decision we have made
  • the services we provide
  • the way we provide services
  • the staff who work in our organisation

Complaints should be addressed to the CEO, Banyan House, telephone (08) 8942 7400 or mailed to the CEO, Banyan House, PO Box 312 Berrimah, NT 0828

Complaints will be dealt with promptly, fairly, confidentially and without retribution. All complaints will be investigated and resolved in a fair and objective manner by the CEO or appointed staff as soon as practicable. Acknowledgment and feedback will be given regarding the complaint.

Find out how to contribute to the goodwill of Banyan House here