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An innovative approach to wellbeing

OHP is a self-management program which promotes hope, growth, and meaningful connections and partnerships. The aim is to empower people to enhance their wellbeing and build on their strengths and values.

OHP responds to individual needs and offers the opportunity to have a conversation, reflect, write down ideas, ask questions and develop strategies.

OHP can be shared with individuals or groups over 8 sessions followed by a booster session.

Sessions include:

  1. What is health? How behaviour can influence our health
  2. I-Can-Do model part 1 | Health Plan 1. Strengths and vulnerabilities - understanding balance
  3. I-Can-Do model part 2 | Health Plan 2. Stressors and strategies - understanding and monitoring impact
  4. Medication. Medication, physical health and metabolic monitoring
  5. Collaborative partners and strategies | Health Plan 3. Identification of key partnerships
  6. Change enhancement. Understanding past events and defining change
  7. Visioning and goal setting. Creative problem solving and planning
  8. Building Health Plans. Health Plans 1, 2 and 3 - maintaining wellbeing

Participants have an opportunity to:

  • reflect on their own wellbeing
  • identify their strengths and strategies
  • learn to recognise early warning signs of stress
  • develop partnerships with others
  • vision achieving goals and celebrating success at each step
  • develop health plans which include strategies to maintain wellbeing.

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“The therapist is not an expert agent of change; that is, a therapist does not change another person. Rather, the therapist’s expertise is in creating a space and facilitating a process for dialogical conversations and collaborative relationships.  When involved in this kind of process, both client and therapist are shaped and reshaped-transformed-as they work together.”

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