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Our Story

Banyan House was established in the mid-1970s as a result of concerns about the growing problem of heroin addiction in the Darwin area and the sustained efforts of concerned people in the legal profession, health sector and government agencies including Police, Courts and Health. 

The Therapeutic Community Model

What is the Therapeutic Community?

Banyan House follows the Therapeutic Community approach to alcohol and other drug rehabilitation treatment. “In Therapeutic Communities, client progress and eventually their stable recovery, involves multidimensional changes in terms of lifestyle and personal identity.” (De Leon, 1995; 2000).

Living in a Therapeutic Community

A Therapeutic Community is a group of people working together to help each other overcome their common problem of drug and or alcohol addiction in a structured, safe and supportive environment towards recovery.

To make Banyan House a structured, safe and supportive place to live and grow, residents must understand and follow the rules on which the community operates, their own and other residents’ rights, and what is expected of them. This information is provided to residents in the following documents which are provided on entry into Banyan House programs: